TS August 9, David Chiu January 10, Jack January 13, At first crackly sound suggesting loose contact, now nothing except windows sound at boot up is normal. I have a Sony Vaio pcgL, also known as a vpcecx. But the computer can start. The slot where the memory stick goes has a crack in it.

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When you say the screen goes blank, does it mean the backlight still there but there is no image? Lee Ching Vaio pcg-5g3l July 2, Suzy April 8, vaio pcg-5g3l The problem is that when I power up with or without battery the screen displays Vaio logo momentarily and ever so quickly fades away.

Moh April 6, I tried holding the power button for 30 seconds and then releasing it, also removing the battery and then connecting it, but they was of no use. I can take care of my lawn myself, but a couple vaio pcg-5g3l beers sounds great. Thanks for vaio pcg-5g3l lecture. Marque Blundell November 5, This is LCD screen failure. SonyUser June 2, Alejandro September 3, Can you please help me? Kevin October 8, There are no obvious tabs, screws, etc.

Ashlee Pcg-g3l August 24, RMS December 1, Also take a look at the trackpad software installed on your laptop. Vaio pcg-5g3l I ask you for the service manual?

Help me to repair this laptop i will vaio pcg-5g3l greatful to you…. I am looking for a guide vaio pcg-5g3l disassemble the body of the sucker. After that try pulling the DVD drive from the laptop. Can any body help me. Kevin March 16, I tried to refit it by applying sloder but the clips were removed from the base of pdg-5g3l board.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio | Laptop Repair

Searching on the internet, I found that there is a recurrent grapic card problem on vaio fz vaio pcg-5g3l.

The power indicator light remains green. Vaio pcg-5g3l August 10, I have a Sony Vaio pcgL, also known as a vpcecx. It just happened to me that today morning i folder my laptop vaii normal way without shut down just like sleep mode.

Can u help me. Unemployed One March 20, If you have two memory sticks installed, you can vaio pcg-5g3l them one by one and test the laptop with each stick separately. Do I need to remove keyboeard??

Marcelo January 15, Swarup July 23, FWIW the one listed here is vaii previous series. I vaio pcg-5g3l the part and got the screen out.

Vaio pcg-5g3l Chong March 14, If I move the top of the laptop toward me, sometimes gaio image comes back to normal. What can I do to fix my blunder?

I posted LCD screen troubleshooting tips here: Press F12 as soon as Toshiba vaio pcg-5g3l appears on the screen. It will not turn on, with or without the power cable. Vic November 22, Is it still covered by the store warranty usually 2 weeks in the US. Khan June 14, vaio pcg-5g3l Usually the screen is not totally white.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio

Vaio pcg-5g3l your laptop with an external monitor. But I dont know, what is the problem in the internal speaker? From what I found on the internet, it looks like I have to pry up the top plastic around the keyboard. Any information pcg-5g3o be greatly appreciated. Does someone have a vaio pcg-5g3l manual for a sony vgn-z11 laptop?

Laptops are not very upgradeable.