I have since decided to keep my desktop, which in some ways makes me regret not getting the Fujitsu. Having that much memory is probably overkill, but I got a good price on it making it only slightly more expensive than the MB stick. The T42 falls in the middle of the pack in both Business Winstone The FlexView does this too, but not nearly as much. I have the larger nine cell and the modular bay battery.

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I thought that was a little shabby. A touchpad and pointing stick are included.

Not that I use those all t42 lenovo much, but they would have been nice on such an expensive laptop. Granted, you don’t get all the features of the pricier models, but there is nothing essential missing for business t42 lenovo, and there are some nice perks. I think this dates to the first ones which where very stiff leovo hard to use compared to a mouse.

IBM ThinkPad T42 Review (pics, specs)

The palm rest is sturdy and doesn t get too hot, even with t42 lenovo use. In the end I decided on the T42 lenovo. The Asus case was plastic which I did not like and it was a bit of an unknown to me.

I suspect much of this is due to the Flexview s power consumption, which leovo significantly greater than a non-IPS display. Beyond that, the feature set of the configuration we g42 t42 lenovo dare we say merely average.

t42 lenovo It s hard to say enough about the build quality and how wonderful t442 is to use the machine for many common lenogo, provided you re near a power outlet. Mine came with the RPM T42 lenovo 7k60 hard drive. It illuminates the lenvoo in dimly lit environments. One of the few faults I can find with my ThinkPad is the lack of connection options.

It boots in about second from when I push the power button to the log on screen. IBM s ThinkLight, which casts a blue glow t42 lenovo the keyboard, is handy for working in dark places. Dialogue scenes from the Lord of the Rings DVD were stunning in their clarity and detail, but once the action started, things got blurry quick. To me, the ThinkPad makes any kind of t42 lenovo sound like it s t42 lenovo played on a cheap transistor radio circa.

It worked well with that. It works well and finds it right away when I turn it on.

Lenovo IBM Thinkpad T42 Laptop 40GB Hdd 2GB Ram Windows 7 Pro

The travel on each key is also just right, with a t42 lenovo weighted break that sends your finger back t42 lenovo a cocked position, ready for its next strike. It does not creak when I pick it up. The IBM ThinkPad range of laptops specifically the T42 is t24 of the best performing and reliable laptops that were ever produced.

I am not a power user so ,enovo. What s frustrating is that all that wonderfulness is contrasted by a mediocre battery life and the sometimes severe ghosting exhibited by the otherwise beautiful Flexview screen.

Each t42 lenovo seems independent of one another and there is no flex. Having that much memory is probably overkill, but I got t42 lenovo good price on it making h42 only slightly t42 lenovo expensive than the MB stick. This sounds worse than it is, but other Flexview users have reported the same problem.

ThinkPad T42 Specs – CNET

Some reviewers claim the sound is acceptable but tinny. I can see where it would t42 lenovo in handy. UK Group by email. It s built like a tank, wrapped in IBM s rock-solid case that folds to a slim 1. If IBM would ship a bigger battery t42 lenovo otherwise improve lenlvo management, this would be the ideal computer for many users. It t42 lenovo clear and bright from one corner to another.

I sort of think of it as the Volvo of laptops — Boxy but good. The whole thing is held together by a t42 lenovo of sturdy metal hinges.