It did show up in Drobo Dashboard, but immediately went into “protection mode” where it was ensuring duplication of the data. The setup reflected the users on my network. Spent a few minutes reading and reviewing the docs. The cable had connected previously to my MBP, which had worked flawlessly — the laptop now must connect through my Netgear wireless router. It makes for a perfect back-up storage device especially when used with backup software and RAID When Buffalo replaces a defective unit, they ship a refurbished system. No messing with jumpers or cables.

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As far as I am netgear zetera sc101 this is acceptable performance. This seemed to work for about a day, but then the old netgear zetera sc101 returned. When using it with Time Machine, the windows and ability to scroll through the past was so slow as to be virtually unusable; it was a very frustrating experience. Don’t know how the thing could ever work according to the directions.

Mac user reports on NAS & Wireless connected NAS

In creating this back-up there was an issue where one folder would not copy ” file not found” netgear zetera sc101 messagealthough all the files within it could all be copied to a newly created folder of the same name! ReadyNAS Duo long-term use report: The 5-disk unit itself seems to be netgear zetera sc101 solid. Netgear zetera sc101 least twice I heard long periods of drive activity when none was expected, and after reviewing the logs I suspect that no real memory was available, so the NAS was struggling with virtual memory.

The detailed docs and a Mac application that finds the server on the net are included on the CD. Given the OP’s setup, they ought to be able to attach the NAS to their presumably open Ethernet port on the Airport Express and that should work just fine.


I’ve been completely satisfied with my Netggear. Trying to create things, you get ‘permission denied’. This means that if something should happen netgear zetera sc101 the controller hardware and the NAS is no longer supported, I can use something else to read the drive. The NAS icon disappeared from the desk top.

Note that the NAS does not advertise being Mac compatible. No creating sparse bundle disk images, etc. To backup the NAS you can plug in an netgear zetera sc101 USB sc1001 however this feature requires a premium subscription if you want to copy files automatically. All the music has empty artist, album, and song names, so you cannot browse it in iTunes. He wanted to do shared video editing netgear zetera sc101 these and eventually these would randomly drop a frame after about 20 minutes.

Although some networked drives have better performance most all are far below the drive or interface specs which are typically max per spec, not real-world -Mike 3. The drive I have ec101 is 2TB, but Ec101 got about 3.

Another oddity I found with it? The NVX has managed to maintain simultaneous backups from all 3 macs over Time Machine as well netgear zetera sc101 a multi-GB file transfer to the common share netgear zetera sc101 any blips.

I do have a Belkin and netgeqr brand with serial ports that I’m going to try when I get a chance since from reading on the forums it will take netgear zetera sc101 to rebuild if a power outage causes any corruption. I didn’t have to set up IP addresses or any other special configuration. Works really well in all modes.


No hardware repair required – netgear zetera sc101 The box is great, but my old drives keep failing. I have 35GB reserved for those volume snapshots. A lot of storage for the price. A large file transfers with a higher rate than bunches of smaller files, as you’d expect.

The unit is zeterra to set up using the one page of instructions required to install the hardware. I have not tried the YM Manager via the web client from a Mac. By default, it created an “admin” share which was only accessible by netgear zetera sc101 to it with the username and password netgear zetera sc101 for administering the NAS, a “public” share, and a “guest” share.

The last thing I was able to do was to delete a single file, and that took about ten minutes!

Then the Drobo seemed to drop off the network. I guess those questions will remain unanswered zegera I happen to trip over them!! If I updated the firmware and Dashboard software, I would have access to a netgear zetera sc101 Drobo” command netgear zetera sc101 might sort this out. I am not disappointed. I am certainly not casting aspersions on anyone who has purchased a Netgear product.

Talk to you again! But the switches here at work don’t support it so I can’t really get a sense for how well it works.