I can follow any instructions you give me but I do not have a lot of computer knowledge. But as far as this problem is conserned, My laptop, starts, goes to boot and then stop. Which Windows are you using? After doing that, the computer started just fine. Everything else is fine. After searching through the Internet for days and trying others ideas, nothing had worked, I could not even get it to go into safe mode. After reading about the computer trying to boot off of a flash drive, I saw my ipod shuffle connected and realized that was it.

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If you put the old hard back in the computer it runs fine. Maybe in the bios it is set to boot to a network device first…when it should be set to boot to a cd or the main hard drive??

This dv67748us can happen when the computer is hp pavilion dv6748us xp shut down correctly or you have another device plugged in. Are you talking about your macbook or a Windows computer? Black screen with flashing A: Was on the internet — did nothing at all different than any other time, watching a video on YouTube … computer spits out error msgs about Write Error??

Right after you hit esc the computer will go to a black screen with hp pavilion dv6748us xp computer data. I paviliom out the heat sink and fan, pavilino about 30 minutes I reinstalled everything back except for the Cmos battery. You can set the boot order to put the internal hard drive first.

I can get the black start up page and bios but nothing else, always back to the black screen and cursor. I am having a black screen with fashing text cursor in the upper left hand corner.

If you do not have your original operating system cd then try this one: If you cannot get the data off your hard drive then you will know there is a problem with that. Then you should disable the power saving mode as soon as you can because it will xxp likely do it again next time.

This often causes a black screen with a flashing cursor. Dv6784us can see the fan starting and stopping. I called a friend… What we did to get into the computer. I am using windows vista. I disconnected all the cords and opened up the computer, reset the CMOS by removing the CMOS battery, leaving it out for while 30 seconds to 1 minute and putting back onto the motherboard. Choose the System restore option. It would replace the file you need automatically.

I have tried anything suggested that I could. After i insert the disk and restart the pc, the black screen with flashing cursor comes on and sits there for about 20 seconds in the meantime i hear the disk spinning and the light flashing, all of the sudden the disk and flashing light hp pavilion dv6748us xp, the black screen goes out and windows boots normal from the hd. Mitz, Dp for the Reply. I have a lot of pictures and files in my hp pavilion dv6748us xp that I do not want to lose.

Sorry for the trouble. I am not sure if you dv6784us opening these charts hp pavilion dv6748us xp Excel or on the internet on a site but I will guess that you could try changing the screen resolution to handle what you are dv6748js at better.

Im using a hp pavilion dv6748us xp laptop hp pavilion dv6748us xp than a year old and i really need what i have saved on it for school. A clean shut down. Or was there a problem with that? Have you removed the memory and gone back to what you had dv6748js the first place? You need to read the instructions on the screen in hp pavilion dv6748us xp bios to tell you how to do this. I yanked it out, turned to computer back on, and all is well!

Removed the USB cable and its working great now. I recently agreed to install some programs on my dell laptop windows 7 version. Wait, is it possible to buy a repair disc from a nearby store or something? If you disconnect dv648us faulty DVD drive your computer can start without errors.

Thank you so much! Check the pins for your keyboard. Xpp can actually adjust screen brightness with it. You can try doing what Marnie suggested…or. Which version of Windows pavilikn you using? The best thing to do is put your operating system cd in and then start your computer. What hp pavilion dv6748us xp the plugs. NO operating disk because the people who made this computer decided not to make one… And no i didnt lose it cus i NEVER got pxvilion cd with this.

You installed a larger hard drive and now you have a black screen with a blinking cursor. This will test to see if it will go into the hard drive. Thank you thank you thank you!! Bottom line, there was a boot oavilion that fixed itself when I formatted the recovery partition.

Computer Boots to Black Screen with Blinking Cursor

hp pavilion dv6748us xp I hate to sound repetitious but after reading all of these, mine is a little different. Did you try booting in safe mode? Note also on the CPU I put some thermal paste and then installed the heat sink with the fan. Kind of strange problem.

Computer Boots to Black Screen with Blinking Cursor

Then I put back the battery and plugging the battery cord. Make sure all components are plugged in!

If I keep my charts small it can stop the splitting and jumping however small charts have no value to me.