Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Welcome, Front Panel external Welcome! Bios Setup Program 5. Do not replace the proprietary CPU fan and heatsink with other models. Click the Test button to display the Test Listening Environment window.

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Onboard Devices Configuration Allows you to enable or disable the onboard controller.

DO NOT place jumper caps on the fan connectors! Welcome, Front Panel external Welcome!


The CPU fits only in one correct orientation. Refer to the ASUS contact information. Refer to page 28 for details on how to remove the memory module s. Gold mark Carefully insert asux CPU into the socket until it fits in place.

プロセッサーのスケジュールについて質問です。システムのプロバティーのパ 【OKWAVE】

Page p2080 Chapter 2 This chapter provides step-by-step instructions on how to install components to the system. Select the audio test path from the drop-down menu.

This utility helps you keep your computer in a healthy operating condition. Otherwise, conflicts will arise between the two PCI groups, making the system unstable and the card inoperable. Basic components to install 1.


Operation is subject to the asus ab – p2800 two conditions: Align the PCI card connector with the slot and press firmly until the card is completely seated on the slot. Front Panel internal USB 2. About this guide Audience This guide provides general information and installation instructions about the ASUS book size barebone system.


Managing Multiple Displays Right-click an area in your desktop to display a pop-up menu. We recommended that you qsus and use asus ab – p2800 ASUS optical drive on this system. Optional documentation Your product package may include optional documentation, such as warranty flyers, that may have been added by your dealer.

Removing The Cover Keep the screws for later use. Central processing unit CPU 2. This chapter also describes the software applications that the system supports.

Only one Mic port works at a time.

Asus Pundit-R User Manual

Bios Setup Program 5. Page 46 Chapter 2: Page 59 Click Close for the new settings to take effect. The chapter lists the system features including an introduction of the front and rear panels, and internal components. Remove the two screws that secure the fan duct on the CPU fan and heatsink assembly.


Asus ab – p2800 remove the front cover and storage drive assembly: Lay the storage drive assembly How this guide is organized This guide contains the following parts The User Password item now shows Installed.

Optical drive cover asus ab – p2800 and length The thickness of the optical drive front panel cover should be less than or equal to 7 millimeters and the length of the drive should be less than or equal to millimeters.

Allows you to enable or disable RTC to generate a wake event. Page 37 Connect the other end of the audio cable p2800 the 4-pin CD connector on the motherboard.